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          3. 學校介紹School Introduction


            Pujiang Vocational School, also Pujiang Technician School of Sichuan Province is a public school jointly created by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, which incorporates vocational education, adult higher education, job training and skills identification. This school has a long running story, rich humanism thought and deep educational accumulation over years. For many years, it has cultivated large quantity of skilled talents and gained the fullest approvals from the trade and enterprise, the parents of students and all sectors of society. In August 2012, the people’s government of Pujiang County entrusted Chengdu Industrial Vocational School with the total management of Pu Jiang Vocational School, so it has been the southern school district of that school since then. After the trusteeship, it brought in advanced management and operating mechanism, shared the abundant cultural, faculty and teaching resources and advanced managerial ideas. All of these measures help the school enhanced the strength and quality of running school further, and make its development vault into a new platform. 


            The school covers an area of 140 mu, building area of more than 5 square meters, and it has three teaching areas and two training base. The school has over 3000 students and 187 teaching and administrative staff, including: 73 intermediate or high-level title teachers; 97 professional teachers , “double-qualified” teachers accounted for 67% of all professional teachers, The school even has the national outstanding teachers、provincial excellent teachers 、top teachers of Chengdu and industry skills experts. The school offers 8 specialties, having all kinds of teaching and living facilities and beautiful campus environment. It has established a perfect employment network, which radiates from Chengdu.


            The school takes the education as the first, advocate professionalism, promote the culture of responsibility, and cultivate the students into adults and talents. The school enjoys the “Key secondary vocational school” title, and it has been named “school spirit model school in Sichuan province”, “interior management demonstration school in Sichuan”, “civilized units pacesetter of Chengdu” and “vocational education advanced collective of Chengdu”.


            1982年9月, 西崍農(職)業中學與西崍初中同校;







            In September 1982, Xi Lai Agricultural (vocational) middle school and Xi Lai junior middle school are in one campus;

            In September 1989, Xi Lai vocational school, moved to the entrance of West Xi Lai ;

            In September 1994, Xi Lai vocational school, moved to No. 92

            North Road Heshan Town, renamed as " Pu Jiang vocational school ";

            In June 1997, the school creates a provincial key middle school, listed "Pu Jiang vocational school".

            In September 2008, the school moved to group 1 Weng community of Heshan town, with Pu Jiang Technician School together;

            In September 2012, he people’s government of Pu Jiang County entrusted Chengdu Vocational and Technical School of Industry with the total management of Pu Jiang Vocational School, listed “South campus of Chengdu Vocational and Technical School of Industry " in October.